Improve Your Software Skills in 2022

December 23, 2021


As an admin, computer skills are an integral part of your daily work—from Microsoft Office to Gmail to Zoom to Twitter and many, many more. You’re undoubtedly proficient in a number of these programs and apps, including those for accounting, scheduling, communication, project and content management, social media posting, web design … the list goes on and on.

That said, you should always be looking for ways to up your game by learning new skills and techniques in the platforms and programs you know—and ones that are new. Your effectiveness depends on your capability in this area.

Here are a few ways to do just that.

In-house professional development
Many organizations offer in-house software classes to help their staff improve their skills. If yours offers these training resources—sign up! Your manager will be happy to have you take this initiative. You can report back on your progress and suggest other admins who might benefit from these same courses.

Online learning
Online classes include both independent and group learning. Some online classes are free; others require a fee. If you’re interested in the latter, ask your manager if your company will pay to have you strengthen your skillset. (Some top e-providers include LinkedIn Learning, edX, HubSpot Academy, Udemy Business, and Coursera.) And of course, check out instructional videos on YouTube.

Don’t forget about ASAP
ASAP has training resources you’ll want to tap into. Articles, free and on-demand webinars, blog posts, and more on tech—as well as a host of other topics relevant to admins—are all online. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already a member, so don’t hesitate to check out our resources.

Ask around
Ask colleagues to show you tips and tricks for a software program or app they’re skilled at. You’ll be surprised at how much “insider” information they’ll have to share with you. Even small tweaks and shortcuts can help you quickly improve your productivity in numerous programs and platforms.

Once you’ve acquired a new skill—don’t forget to add it to your resume!

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