Popular Business Apps for Admin Pros

March 31, 2022


Streamline your work with some of these business apps for organization, time tracking, team collaboration, and more. They’ll help you stay on task, waste less time, and improve efficiency. You may already know of—or be using—some of these.

Abbyy FineReader PDF
Scan (and digitize) physical documents—business docs, book pages, client agreements, order forms—with this mobile app that also lets you paste digitized copy into other programs to be edited.

A project management/team collaboration app designed for in-house and remote workers. See who is working on what in real time to coordinate tasks so everyone’s on the same page. Get a visual overview of your progress on each of your projects.

This writing assistant offers feedback/corrections/suggested style changes—as well as spell check and grammar check—for writing ranging from formal to informal.
Cloud-based software designed to keep teams organized—no matter how many different projects and workers are planning, tracking, and working on tasks.

With one click, Pocket lets you save online articles, blogs, web pages, and videos you wish to read or watch later—on your computer or an ereader.

A group messaging/team collaboration app that allows open discussions, private groups, direct messaging, contextual search, message archiving, and file sharing. Slack can replace email and text messaging, and you can create Slack channels for specific team projects.

This free browser extension blocks distracting websites while you work. You can choose to restrict apps, websites, and keywords for set times/dates or after a certain number of minutes.

A time-management/tracking app that syncs tracking across multiple devices in real time. Use multiple apps and websites while working and track tasks by date, project, or client. Also lets you set billing rates, share reports, and export files. Plus, it continues to record while you’re offline, and uploads when you’ve reconnected.

A multi-channel client communication program with live chat, call center, and social messaging apps. Its analytic and reporting software analyzes customer trends and behavior.

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