Top Resources for Executive Assistants Booking Travel

June 27, 2022


Managing the travel itinerary of a busy business executive takes knowledge, skills, and experience. You must excel in finding the best flights, hotels, restaurants, and other travel perks. As if getting this information isn’t challenging enough, you must compile and organize it into a convenient travel itinerary.

You may have mastered all these tasks as a savvy executive assistant, but these five apps will let you level up. They’ll skyrocket your ability to save flight costs and get more perks to let your executive travel in comfort and style.


Hooper is the epitome of efficient and cost-effective travel. With this app, you can track and compare flight costs before booking a flight. The app scans nearby airports and lets you know if you should book a flight or hold out for better prices. Hopper is the ultimate resource when you must fit business travel on a tight budget. It skyrockets your thrifty trip planning abilities without compromising the travel experience.


Tripit recognizes time is a precious commodity for the traveling executive juggling several business trips. The app compiles your travel information under one intuitive dashboard. Tripit turns all travel-related information into an easy-to-understand itinerary.

Once an executive installs the Tripit on their smartphone, you can forward the travel confirmation into the app. Your executives can readily access the confirmation numbers, timing, contact info, and location – the information they need for seamless travel. Integrating the app with an executive’s frequent flyer number and email enables automatic updates. Tripit will automatically update any changes to reservations, flights, etc., to the itinerary. Tripit creates separate itineraries when booking multiple trips to avoid confusion.

Trail Wallet

Tracking travel expenses can be challenging without a dedicated app. Trail Wallet tracks and tags travel expenses for easy reconciliation. The app tracks expenses per trip and applies tags such as hotel, cab, and client meals to help you categorize the costs. It also lets you scan and upload images of the physical receipts. Trail Wallet complements your ability to export expenditure reports by trips and share the accompanying images. The app makes creating travel expense reports a cakewalk.

App in the Air

App in the Air is marketed as a personal travel assistant, but with a twist. This app goes a few extra steps besides handling the usual tasks such as finding departure times and storing boarding passes. It notifies you of the security check and baggage claim wait times, easing worries and anxieties. It has a locator for reliable power stations within an airport and provides gate-specific restaurant hours. App in the air provides real-time notifications about upcoming flights to make an executive’s life easier.


Layovers and flight delays are common in air travel. LoungeBuddy lets your executive turn these hours into productive time. The app lets you find airport lounges during layovers and provides their requirement details. Since airport lounge entry is tied to travel status with airlines, you can easily find the most convenient lounge for your executive. Loungebuddy makes airport lounges accessible even to executives without platinum airline membership. The app provides details of lounges that offer one-time day passes. One-day lounge passes are affordable and provide access to comfy seating, food, drinks, and WIFI.

Create Seamless Travel Itinerary Every time

These five resources will let you level up your game when making business travel arrangements. They provide everything you need to cut costs and improve convenience and comfort for a traveling executive. The cost savings that result from using these apps are infinitely greater than their subscription cost.

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