When2Meet and More: Tools to Help You Schedule a Meeting Everyone Can Make It To

July 5, 2022


For years, Doodle has been a planner’s best friend. This platform has been the preferred online scheduling tool for arranging meetings with friends, clients, colleagues, and more. However, when2Meet is the new tech on the scheduling scene, that is winning over Doodle customers one by one. 

With Doodle, you can create a survey poll to gauge meeting dates and time preferences. The way it works is pretty simple. First, the meeting creator specifies a set of times for a meeting. Next, the invitees indicate whether they can or can’t attend at the specified times. Then, the meeting creator can review the columns to see which time slot received the most significant number of “can attend” votes, thus determining the best meeting time for most attendees. Doodle also allows the user to gather additional helpful feedback from the participants, aside from time and date choices. 

So, what does When2Meet have that Doodle doesn’t? Many folks who switched cite that When2Meet is faster, easier, and more streamlined than the competition. Add in the fact that When2Meet is free and doesn’t bombard you with ads, and you’ve got a good scheduling solution that helps eliminate headaches instead of creating them. Let’s face it, trying to work around multiple people’s busy and complicated schedules can be a job in itself. When2Meet is your virtual middleman. The software creates events, sends out invites, and identifies the best time slots to hold meetings. 

When2Meet Poll: How-To

Creating an event using the When2Meet tool couldn’t be more simple. There are five quick and easy steps to get started. 

Step 1: Load the main When2Meet page

Step 2: Enter a meeting name at the top

Step 3: Click or drag to select the possible days for your meeting

Step 4: Specify parameters— what are the earliest and latest time options (remember time zones, if applicable)

Step 5: Click “Create Event”

Once you create the meeting, When2Meet loads the voting page, outputting a unique URL. This link can be used in emails, Facebook, or other social media messages. The voting experience is the same for everyone using the When2Meet poll feature. The steps include the following:

  • First, open the poll by clicking on the link in the event invite.
  • Next, enter your name into the appropriate field in the “Sign In” section.  Passwords are optional. 
  • When you sign in, you’ll see the dates/times field. Click and drag your cursor across your available times. The cells will turn green.
  • When2meet autosaves your selections; your availability should save when you leave the page.
  • If your schedule changes, it’s simple. Just revisit the polling page by clicking on the link and signing in. Then, use your cursor to click and drag. 

When2Meet takes the guesswork out of meeting times. The voting process is streamlined, with all available times narrowed down by popularity. The poll window displays a date-and-time grid matching the Group Availability grid on the right side, and seeing the optimal meeting times will become more apparent as more people enter their votes. 

A When2Meet Alternative 

There are other contenders when it comes to scheduling tools. Aside from Doodle, another when to meet alternative popular among planners is Simply Schedule Appointments. Another one that obtained high ratings from users is Calendly. The best choice for you is subjective and based on your particular needs. Another deciding factor is whether you use it for personal meeting arrangements or business. What works for setting up meetings with friends and family might look different for scheduling with colleagues and clients. Explore a couple of them to discover which one saves time and maximizes productivity for you. 

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