Tips for Recruiting a Stellar Executive Assistant

October 25, 2023


An executive assistant sits at her desk holding her phone while writing in her planner. A cup of coffee sits in front of the planner.

An executive is only as successful as their right-hand partner: their executive assistant (EA). A C-suite leader needs a dependable, high-performing EA in your corner. However, recruiting a stellar EA is more difficult than it sounds. The talent pool is smaller than you may realize, and the best executive assistants get snatched up quickly. 

Fortunately, senior leaders today can take a few different approaches to find the ideal EA candidate.

Working with a Recruiter to Find the Perfect EA

As a high-level executive in any organization, you’re already busy with big-picture projects and tasks. Hiring an executive assistant is high on your priority list, but you can benefit from the support and commitment of a talented recruiter. ‘

Finding the best candidates can take a lot of time and energy, of which you already run short. Top-performing recruiters can leverage their existing talent pool and reach out to their network to find the most qualified EA candidates to send your way. 

Critical Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent 

Job recruiters may have access to the top talent in the EA profession, but it’s beneficial for the executive to be directly involved in the process. Here’s how you can leverage the attractive qualities of the job and your organization to find the cream of the crop.

Write a Compelling Job Description

While a job description should define the role and establish your expectations of the candidate, it should also excite the future employee. Be sure to use enticing language and detail the exciting projects and tasks the job entails.

Be Clear about Your Needs

Every executive operates slightly differently. Ensure the working relationship with your EA is productive and successful from the jump by knowing what qualities you’re looking for. You should also be able to speak to the level of support you require and the responsibilities you’d like your assistant to take on. Top EA talent will be able to speak to their own experiences, skills, and what they can bring to the table.

Ensure the Culture Is a Fit

As you navigate the interview process, pay close attention to the candidate’s personality, how they handle conflict or hard questions, and how they communicate. Even if a potential hire has years of experience and an impressive resume, working together may be challenging if you don’t mesh well. 

Look Internally

Before you spend a lot of time searching for external hires, make sure you do a run-through of existing employees. There may be excellent administrative assistants, office managers, or other qualified professionals who are interested in becoming an EA. Ask around and try to gauge the interest of any current employees that you’d be interested in hiring. 

Share Company Benefits

While you should offer a competitive salary for the role, company benefits are also a significant deciding factor in accepting a job offer. Share information on employee health benefits, time off, and vacation policies, along with other add-ons that may attract top talent.

It can help to know current trends and what candidates seek, from pet insurance and quarterly professional development courses to weekly lunches.

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