How to Influence Others When You Aren’t in Charge


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Trainer: Lorinda Lewis, President, Lorinda Lewis LLC


We’ve talked to thousands of administrative professionals whose number one concern is how to get their ideas heard and implemented. It isn’t about having positional power; it’s about presenting your ideas in such a way that others willingly follow your lead. Learn how to cut through barriers so that others give you the cooperation, time, resources or support you need. Communicate so that others listen; use four listening steps that encourage others to listen to you. Check yourself against the 11 toxic communication traps that diminish your ability to persuade. We’ll explore what role honesty and trust play in becoming more influential, how to communication using “executive style” techniques, and the greatest strategic tool in your arsenal: non-defensive communication.

Bonus Handout: Critical Conversations Checklist

Hot Tip: The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.

About Lorinda Lewis: Lorinda loves to facilitate learning and “to challenge thinking so that learning happens”. She has been an on-site business trainer and facilitator for over 18 years, with considerable experience in business communication, management and leadership skills. Lorinda honed her skills with a career in sales, management, and training with General Mills.

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