Acing Your Annual Review


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Trainer: Lorinda Lewis, President, Lorinda Lewis LLC

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Annual reviews are an opportunity for executive assistants and administrative professionals to highlight how their roles support the strategic goals of their boss and their organization. Yet people confess to preferring to have a root canal without anesthetic over having to sit and receive an annual review. Fear of the unknown can keep us from actively partnering in conversations concerning our careers. This fear stems simply from not knowing how to approach the process of managing our performance and careers with confidence. But what if:

You had specific tools to strengthen your partnership between you and your boss during your performance review?
You could demonstrate the value your specific contributions bring to your team’s priority projects and your organization’s goals?
You knew how to respond to “not so great” constructive criticism in a positive way?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to plan and initiate quarterly conversations so there are no surprises at the year-end review
  • Confident and positive discussion strategies for the 4 classic "boss" reactions that cause us the most anxiety
  • Actionable next steps when you receive less than stellar feedback about your performance
  • Three things to remember when tracking your career accomplishments

Bonus Handout: Critical Conversations

Hot Tip: Typically people have somewhere between a 2 minute to 6 minute attention span. When having conversations about your professional contributions - cut to the chase about how your contributions helped the department and/or organization reach its goals.

About Lorinda Lewis: Lorinda loves to facilitate learning and “to challenge thinking so that learning happens”. She has been an on-site business trainer and facilitator for over 18 years, with considerable experience in business communication, management and leadership skills. Lorinda honed her skills with a career in sales, management, and training with General Mills.

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October 12, 2017

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