Resilient Leadership for Today’s Assistant

Lisa Olsen, Co-owner of Admin to Admin


The corporate landscape is in daily flux with mergers and acquisitions and the market is continuing to go global. Workplace dynamics have changed and continue to evolve with remote and hybrid environments. Executives are challenged with finding ways to be more creative and are facing difficult economic decisions every day.

The ability to communicate and interact well with others, respond to new cross generational needs, effectively manage priorities, and know how to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment are essential skills for administrative assistants. This is why we need resilient administrative leaders in today's workplace.         

This webinar will cover some important learning points:

  • What is the difference between emotional intelligence and resilience?
  • Learn the identifying traits of the resilient assistant
  • Discover five skills needed to lead as a resilient assistant
  • Understand the power of self-evaluation to gauge interactions and responses that impact others
  • Understand the challenges of resilient leadership and how to adapt effectively
  • Learn the power of the "Ta-da" list and how it can build confidence and resilience
  • Learn leadership principles every resilient assistant must understand and practice regularly

Bonus Handout: Five Ways to Build Your Relationship Assets

Hot Tip: One of the best ways to demonstrate resilient leadership is to build your relationship assets.

About Lisa Olsen: Lisa Olsen is an enthusiastic and sought after international speaker, with an engaging, educational and motivational presentation style. Her successful career as a senior executive assistant spans over 20 years. Lisa advocates continuous learning and encourages administrative professionals to expand their potential, take initiative and practice being “relationship engineers.” As the co-owner of Admin to Admin, her successful career as a senior executive assistant spans over 20 years. Currently, she is the Executive Coordinator at Dignity Health for the Sacramento Region. She leads an administrative team of five and serves as the Board Coordinator for the Sacramento Hospital Community Board. She recently completed a graduate program in Organizational Leadership through Colorado State University.

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August 12, 2022

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