Using Google Gemini to Streamline Corporate Communication

May 28, 2024


Admin Using Google Gemini on Office Desktop Computer

We’ve all been there: you leave your desk for just one hour to grab some lunch and when you return, you find that chaos has wreaked havoc on your inbox. You’ve got 34 unread messages (six of them marked urgent) and four new mile-long email chains on topics you’ve never even heard of asking for notes buried somewhere in your team’s shared google drive. How are you supposed to sort through it all?

Our recommendation? With tools like Google Gemini. Google Gemini can help executive assistants streamline their communication workflows and stay current with evolving AI-powered business communication standards. 

Let’s explore how EAs can optimize their daily workflows with the integration of Google Gemini’s email management, meeting collaboration, and task organization functions.

Using Google Gemini for Email Management

Executive Assistants rely heavily on efficient email inbox management for their daily tasks. Juggling time-sensitive messages that need responses, a constant influx of new emails to read and categorize, and long email threads with important details can be overwhelming. That’s where Google Gemini comes in. Here are four ways Gemini can make inbox management easier:

Summarize Email Threads

Instead of sifting through entire email threads, you can ask Gemini to summarize the thread or create a list of action items, saving valuable time and effort when managing communication chains like your Quarterly Review Meeting thread.

Draft a Reply

When you’re multitasking and answering emails all day, it’s normal to experience writer’s block when trying to compose the perfect email response. Fortunately, Google Gemini can suggest a response or draft a new email. Try asking Gemini to write a thank you note to a colleague for presenting their marketing campaign findings at the recent training session, or prompting Gemini to draft a response to a client’s inquiry.

Retrieve Information from Previous Emails

Need to locate specific details buried in your inbox? Gemini makes finding information faster with the capability to search emails for specific details. Simply ask: What time is John’s flight on Friday? Or: When does Vanessa’s hotel reservation begin?

Access Information from Google Drive Files

Save time by asking Gemini to review files in Google Drive. For example, you can prompt Gemini to summarize the action items from the weekly technology meeting Google Doc or ask what the main takeaway was from the sales meeting spreadsheet.

Optimize Meeting Communication with Google Gemini

Since participants now join meetings from remote and in-office settings, effective communication requires careful consideration of the hybrid work environment. 

Gemini enhances communication, eliminates distractions, and encourages collaboration for all attendees with these Google Meet AI-powered capabilities:

  • Note-taking during the meetings 

  • Summarizing action items for meeting participants

  • Catching up participants who join late through the “summary so far” function

  • Distributing meeting notes through Google Docs to all attendees after the call

  • Providing professional lighting and sound adjustments for video participants

Enhance Task Organization and Productivity

Executive Assistants are often the lead organizer for projects. Gemini can act as a productivity booster for your task management responsibilities by helping set up Google Sheets for convenient task trackers, agendas, or event checklists.

For instance, EAs can enter prompts into the “Help me organize” section like:

  • Plan a team-building meeting in Denver, Colorado

  • Create a travel itinerary for the team-building meeting in Denver, Colorado

  • Make a packing checklist for the team-building meeting in Denver, Colorado

Another Gemini feature in Google Sheets is the enhanced Smart Fill technology, which makes manual text processing easier for EAs by automatically predicting empty values in a sheet.

Any sheet with at least three example rows with two distinct column values can use this function to:

  • Categorize employee feedback about the new benefits program

  • Convert address data into a consistent format

  • Extract email addresses from text fields

Ready to Learn Google Gemini? 

Watch our webinar on Google Gemini, led by Melissa Peoples. This session will equip you with practical skills to harness the full potential of Google Gemini, teaching you how to optimize Gemini to enhance and streamline data management in Google Sheets and how to leverage advanced collaboration features in Google Meet.

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