Why Demonstrating Leadership Skills Is Crucial for Administrative Assistants

November 15, 2023


An administrative assistant stands at the front of a conference table, demonstrating leadership skills to fellow employees.

In busy office settings, the administrative assistant is often the constant that keeps everything moving forward in an organized, productive way.

From inter-departmental collaborations to project and time management and communication skills, successful administrative assistants are the backbone of many organizations. 

One skill you may not think to develop along the way as an admin is your leadership ability. This article focuses on why leadership skills are critical for administrative assistants and what these skills can do for your career.

Leadership Styles and Qualities to Advance Your Career

Not everyone is a natural-born leader—some people have to work persistently to develop leadership skills that add value to their careers. 

You can showcase a few qualities to flex your leadership abilities and develop new leadership skills. So, what qualities do leaders exhibit, regardless of their role? Let’s discuss.

Take Initiative

Notice a common issue in the office that needs resolving? Is the new management software just not meeting the needs of a senior leader in the way they expect? These types of problems are opportunities to showcase how proactive you are in your role. 

Whether solving a problem, creating a quick fix, or finding a new way to do something, leaders get things done without being asked to do so. Don't hesitate to jump in if you see pain points in the office or tasks that need support.

Stake Your Claim

Staking your claim means fully owning the tasks that belong to you. Whether you serve one executive, the office manager, or anyone else, you may have unexpected tasks thrown your way at any given time. That’s the life of an administrative assistant! 

By taking ownership of the tasks and projects you’re given, you’re displaying full responsibility for their progress, outcome, and success. This demonstrates confidence, self-awareness, and the drive to succeed — all highly valuable leadership skills. 

Build Rapport

Strong leaders don’t have to be friends with their employees, but respect is essential in a productive working environment. Most admins interact with various employees from teams across the organization, and the same respect should follow here. 

The more respect and professionalism you show, the more willing people will be to work with you. This creates mutual respect and more efficient working relationships, which great leaders need to get things done.

Make Decisions

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential in the administrative assistant role. Whether crafting emails for an executive, scheduling meetings, or managing a tight deadline, you must be quick and adaptable. 

The ability to make decisions on the fly and have the confidence to do so will show your leaders that you are capable, sharp, and eager to lead. 

Leverage Your Leadership Skills to Grow as an Administrative Assistant

You may be content in your current administrative assistant role, but building on your current skill set can completely change your career trajectory. 

Adapting to a growth mindset lies in believing that your success can (and will) improve with the time and effort you are willing to put in. Rather than accepting any role as a long-term position, you must proactively choose to develop the valuable skills needed to grow as a leader. 

A growth mindset is not always ingrained in us; for some, it’s a frame of mind that requires practice. Along the way, you will learn to embrace challenges, prioritize hard work, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. 

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