AI Takes Over EA Ignite

July 17, 2023


Attendees gathered for a masterclass at EA Ignite Spring 2023
Attendees gathered for a masterclass at EA Ignite Spring 2023. Held twice a year, EA Ignite is a high-level training event for executive assistants and senior office staff.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured our imagination as far back as the release of 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey with HAL. Since then, it’s been more hyped than a No. 1 draft pick. While it has found some success recently, most would say it’s still in its nascent stages and its full impact has yet to be felt.  

The technology took a giant, and public, step forward with the release of ChatGPT on Nov. 30, 2022, and has since only grown in publicity, hype, and finally, usage.

At EA Ignite, Nov. 6-8, in Austin, Texas, at the JW Marriott, three different sessions will cut through the hype to deliver practical and useful tips and information you can bring back to your office to help you become more efficient and hopefully provide some relief that no, AI will not be coming for your job.  

AI at EA Ignite Fall 2023

1. The deep dive in AI starts on Tuesday, November 7. EA Ignite veteran and longtime contributor to the EA profession, Rhonda Scharf, delivers a keynote asking the question on the minds of many these days: Is AI Stealing Your Job? The short answer? No, but mastering the technology can make you more relevant, efficient, and valuable in your organization.  

2. Diving deeper into how you can use AI and how it’s already being used under your nose is Chris Menard, a Microsoft training expert and relative newcomer to EA Ignite. His session, Microsoft’s AI Tools: How Technology Works for You, will show you how AI Is already running so many tasks, likely in programs you already use on a daily basis, and how the next generation of tools from Microsoft will be using AI in a much deeper and more meaningful way.  

3. Rounding out the AI curriculum at EA Ignite this fall will be Casey Emerich, a professor at College of DuPage who specializes in office information technology. Her session, Embracing AI: Reinventing Productivity, Unlocking Creativity, and Empowering Critical Thinking, will take a higher level look at different ways AI can be used in your daily life. This session won’t focus on one specific solution but instead cover a variety of uses, pieces of software that use AI, and how they can be applied during your workday.

Rhonda Scharf presenting at EA Ignite Spring 2023 in Baltimore.

Why Choose EA Ignite?

EA Ignite will be covering the topics you need to succeed in your career as an EA, Senior EA, or Chief of Staff. AI is just a new and emerging piece of the puzzle. This three-day event will provide training in data visualization, career advancement, project management, leadership, and so much more. 

EA Ignite is a can’t miss event to help bolster your already considerable skills, and we look forward to seeing you in Austin!

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