10 AI Writing Tools for Executive Assistants

June 1, 2023


An administrator working hard at her desk on her laptop. She is implementing AI tools her in writing techniques.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly evolving. AI tools are changing our world and altering the way we do business and interact with others. Many consumers already use AI daily, and its growth in professional industries is unprecedented. 

With the boom in AI, many working professionals are feeling outdated and ill-prepared. Some are even seeing layoffs in their fields. While being replaced by a computer system is a valid concern, there are ways to advance in your career by knowing how to use AI as your own personal assistant.

Don’t resist implementing AI tools in your role. Instead, learn to leverage them to increase your efficiency and productivity, giving your career the modern boost it needs. 

What Is AI? 

AI is a computer-based system that imitates human speech, mannerisms, behavior, and intelligence. It is very intuitive and analyzes vast amounts of information at record speeds. With this collected and analyzed data, it makes alterations and predictions, constantly evolving and shifting with the world around it. 

With the growth of AI and its integration into everyday activities, AI detection tools were born. 

AI Detection Tools 

The better the AI detection tool, the more human-like the text or speech will seem. Already, the world is having to shift and grow with this advancement in all sectors. Many executive assistants, for example, are already using AI to generate reports, presentations, and more.

AI detection tools use a language model that is well-analyzed and widely used, predicting the likelihood of context, phrases, and vocabulary. The best AI detection tools can identify AI-written content versus human-written content. Many employers and educational institutions are using AI detection tools to ensure content is genuine and not strictly computer generated. 

While AI can be useful in putting together memos, essays, presentations, and reports, the world still craves that real, human effect. If you are implementing AI into your workplace, you can also utilize AI detection tools. 

Coupling AI writing software with an AI detection tool will help you streamline your AI integration and ensure accuracy and readability. Furthermore, it will help you keep that relatable human aspect while simplifying your tasks. 

10 AI Writing Tools You Need to Know

All AI writing tools need human oversight and supervision. This helps prevent generic and out-of-context content. Additionally, as mentioned above, content produced with AI writing tools should be run through an AI detection tool and edited as needed. 

With that, here are 10 of the most useful AI writing tools to help streamline your work as an EA:

  • Jasper 

  • Sudowrite

  • Anyword


  • Writesonic 

  • Notion 

  • Simplified




These AI writing tools offer various features and specialties. Some generate SEO-friendly content, while others recognize and record your preferred writing styles and tones. With these AI tools, you can generate copy for articles, videos, and social media content, as well as collaborate with others. 

Whether used to write blogs and interoffice memos or to create board presentations and financial reports, AI writing tools can save you time and streamline your job duties as an EA or administrative professional. When used correctly and in conjunction with proper AI detection tools, you can maintain authenticity while growing with our evolving world. 

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