How to Make Stellar Presentations Using Canva Templates

March 10, 2023


Graphic Designer working on Canva templates
Canva is an all-purpose design application for used for presentations.

For years, Microsoft PowerPoint has been the program of choice for making professional presentations. But today, there are several other design and presentation programs to choose from. PowerPoint is still effective, but different platforms offer more settings and features that can make for more impressive visual presentations. One such program is Canva, famous for its eye-catching Canva templates. 

Canva is used for more than just presentations. It is an all-purpose design application that can be used for everything from websites to wedding invitations. But for now, we will be focusing on Canva’s utility as a presentation design platform. Canva is loaded with an abundance of features and an easy-to-use interface that makes it perfect for anyone. Canva templates provide an easy starting point for any type of presentation, with tons of customization options as well. 

Here is everything you should know about designing an amazing Canva presentation.

Canva Infographic Highlights

Image Customization

Visual accompaniments are one of the most effective ways to spice up any professional presentation. One of the ways Canva users can enhance their presentations is with image customization. Canva’s editing and graphic design features are highly advanced in comparison to other presentation platforms like PowerPoint.

Canva’s background removal feature allows users to cleanly insert their own custom images into any presentation. The program’s extensive graphic design features also allow users to add, edit, and crop every individual element of a slide. All of this gives users complete control over the look and feel of their Canva infographic.


Canva templates are a great feature whether you’re new to presentation design or have designed dozens of presentations before. Templates are not unique to Canva. However, Canva does offer far more template options than most other programs. In total, Canva offers users more than 12,000 templates.

These Canva templates give users a great starting point for any type of presentation. Canva templates vary in both format and aesthetics, meaning it’s perfectly suited for all styles. This allows users to have an easy starting point for keynote presentations, product launches, seminars, research presentations, and more.

Brand Kits

A more unique feature of Canva graphic design presentations is Canva’s customizable brand kits. Brand kits allow users to set custom color palettes, styles, and typefaces, and include company logos. These brand kits are a great way to simplify presentations where brand image and consistency are priorities. Brand kits are easy to control as well, providing yet another major advantage over other presentation apps.

Custom Audio and Video

If you want to make a really impressive presentation with Canva, you can add custom audio and video to slides. A powerful presentation complement is adding audio cues, music, or video clips, especially in the right scenario. Even if you don’t have your own, Canva again supplies plenty of free images and videos for presentations. Canva’s library of free media for presentations is measured in the millions, providing a nearly endless supply of options.


One potential drawback of using Canva is that it requires an internet connection. However, given how connected we all are in this day and age, this is not usually a hindrance. In fact, it can be an advantage in a couple of ways. 

First, it makes it easy to access your presentation from any device. Second, it also makes it easy to share and collaborate on presentations with colleagues. This is great whether you are designing a presentation with multiple colleagues, or want to share your Canva presentation for review purposes.

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