7 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

December 21, 2020


A Virtual Assistant (VA) works remotely and executes the tasks assigned to them. Similar to a PA, a VA can become a real asset to their employer and will lighten their load by taking some of their administrative and organisational tasks away from them so they can focus on what they need to achieve.

A Virtual Assistant can help with a wide variety of tasks and there is no hard and fast rule on what a standard VA job spec will look like, so you can hire a Virtual Assistant with the right skills and experience to perform the specific tasks you need. In this article we look at some of the more typical duties to outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

Calendar & Trips Management

A VA will comfortably handle calendar management, ensuring your day to day activities are scheduled appropriately. This includes arranging travel and transfers, booking hotels, putting together detailed itineraries and scheduling meetings, often working across time zones.

Content Management (Blog & Social Media)

Social media has become the way to go more so in terms of marketing. Managing your social media platforms is time consuming and is something a VA can handle. They can also aid in the creation of new social media accounts, conduct research, edit videos, create content and draft articles for a blog. Once these social accounts are filled with posts, you then have someone to manage the responses and feedback from your customers.

Inbox Management

Inbox management simply involves filtering and replying to multiple emails. A VA can easily handle email management for your business or personal inbox, deleting those which aren’t relevant and flagging to you the ones which need more urgent action. As they have more time on their hands, they will be able to attend more carefully to these emails and respond to them appropriately.

File Management

Virtual assistants can aid in file management. If you have indentures that should be added to google drive, a VA can quickly do that. Depending on your instructions, file management can be done using a variety of software packages and means you have more time available to focus on other tasks whilst feeling confident the back office administration is being handled.

Preparation of Reports

Maybe you have a meeting whereby you are to present a report and you haven’t prepared, no need to worry. You may need weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly reports to be done and a VA can handle the creation of these. Preparation of slideshows using PowerPoint is also one of the tasks for a virtual assistant.

Preparing Press Releases

Should you have a request for a press release, your VA can save you time by preparing this on your behalf. You will be required to give a highlight of what the press release should contain and approve the content before it is sent out to ensure the quality and to verify important information.

Personal duties

A VA can support you with your private life as well as assisting with business tasks. This can include organising events, liaising with other family members, paying bills and managing online banking, overseeing any household staff, present buying and running errands. This support will save you time and allow you to stay focused on other tasks.


Hiring a VA will be of great help, mainly in reducing the pressure of a large workload. It is not only convenient, but it is also a smart strategy financially for the company. Hiring virtual assistants can lead to savings especially since you are only paying for the professional fee of the VA as they are based remotely. Depending on the contract you have set up, you can often just pay for the hours the VA works for you and if you require more or less support one month, the VA can be flexible to mirror your needs.



About the Author

Auria Heanley is a Co-founder of Oriel Partners, is a boutique PA and administrative recruitment consultancy based in Central London.  She is extremely passionate about providing the highest quality of service to both their clients and candidates. Their clients range from global multinationals to small boutique firms, all require the same personal service and high calibre support.

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