How to Prepare for a Promotion Interview

March 9, 2023


A women receiving a promotion, in an office conference, with other workers
Be prepared to walk into the office and ace a promotion interview.

Getting a promotion at work is always a positive thing. Sure, there may be increased work and responsibilities. But those things typically represent a major step forward in your career, and also come with a hefty pay raise.

But before you receive a promotion, you probably need to go through a promotion interview. This is an exciting, but daunting, part of the promotion process. Promotion interviews are different from traditional job interviews in two notable ways. 

First, those conducting the interview likely already know you, either directly or indirectly. And second, your goal in a promotion interview is to move from one position in the company to another. So how can you prepare for a promotion interview? To prepare, here are a few basic steps to follow.

Steps to Preparing for Promotions

Look at Past Performance Reviews

If you have ever received performance reviews at your job, they can be an invaluable resource going into an interview. Highlight your positive performances as potential strengths to bring into the new position. Performance reviews also help you identify areas of improvement. Understanding your perceived weaknesses can help you prepare for difficult questions. In addition to this, you can identify your own growth opportunities before the interview.

Update Your Resume

This is perhaps the most overlooked pre-interview step when it comes to promotions. Yes, your interviewers may know more about you than in normal job-search situations. But you should not assume they know your entire work history. Plus, a fully-updated resume is a good way to highlight all of your skills, accomplishments, and experience. And beyond that, it’s simply good for optics to be fully prepared with an updated resume.

Speak to Your Boss/Supervisor

If you intend to pursue a promotion at work, it’s common courtesy to notify your supervisor. Not only is this the correct professional move, but it can also directly benefit you in the interview. A good supervisor will help prepare their employees for a promotion interview, and may even give a strong recommendation.

Think of Every Day As Part of Your Interview

If you’re getting ready for a promotion interview, you’re already in the interview. At least, that’s how you should think of it. Every day that you go to work is an opportunity to demonstrate your value and prove that you are the right candidate for the job. This is your biggest advantage over external interview candidates.

If you’re in line for a promotion, you should focus on growing your skills and achieving the best possible results at work. The best case scenario is that your interviewer will notice your success before the interview officially happens. Worst case, you improve your performance and develop new skills, and feel more confident going into the interview.

Demonstrate You Can Be More Valuable in New Role

Familiarity is your biggest advantage over external interview candidates. But, it can also be your biggest obstacle. If you’re in the position to be promoted, it likely means you’re seen as an asset in your current role. Those interviewing you may be hesitant when it comes to promoting you out of that position. You will need to be prepared to prove that you can provide more value in the new role than in your existing one. You can do this by focusing on your proven skills and how they suit the new role. 

More Tips for Getting Promoted

Being prepared for a promotion interview can make a huge difference. But before you do that, you need to be in a position to get promoted in the first place. To learn more, consider taking ASAP’s free webinar: How to Centralize & Track your Role to Get Promoted.

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