What Is the Best Administrative Professionals Conference?

May 2, 2023


A dynamic group of admins sitting at an administrative professionals conference.

If you work as an admin professional, you should attend an administrative professionals conference. These events are fun, informative, and a great way to expand your skill set. These events also provide a unique opportunity to network and connect with other professionals in your field. 

Let’s take a look at why professional conferences are important and some of the best options for busy admins today.

Why Do Conferences Matter? 

Attending a professional conference is a great way to attain additional training and knowledge in one convenient location. During these events, you have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, discover emerging trends, learn new technologies, and make life-changing career connections. 

Attending a conference, especially with your colleagues or team members, is also a great way to regain focus and engage in team building. You will return to work with new ideas, enhanced skills, and a newfound passion for your profession. Personal enhancement is invaluable in the workplace. It makes for happier, more well-rounded employees. 

If you are an entry-level admin professional, you can ask your employer to send you to one of these conferences. If you are a manager, you should advocate for an annual budget to send your admins to a conference each year. While there is usually a cost to attend these events, the enhanced skills that will be brought back to your company are priceless. 

Top Conferences for Administrative Professionals 

There are a few comprehensive events for admin professionals and executive assistants to attend on an annual basis, including from IAAP and Office Dynamics. Here are two produced by ASAP.

Administrative Professionals Conference

The American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) holds popular training conferences each year that are a MUST for admin professionals. 

Each fall, ASAP holds the Administrative Professionals Conference (APC). Now in its 30th year, APC is led by professional trainers and includes a One Day MBA program, PACE certification course, EA Summit, and more. Additionally, ASAP members receive $200 off event registration. 

EA Ignite 

Also produced by ASAP, EA Ignite is a a high-level training event for executive and senior-level assistants. It's held in the spring and fall each year, and led by foremost experts in the field. If you're an executive assistant looking to expand your skill set or advance in your career, this is the conference for you. 

Ready to Attend a Conference? ASAP Is Here to Help 

Make this the year you decide to advocate for your professional development. If cost is a factor for you, don’t hesitate to ask your employer to fund your continued training. You are an asset to your company. That means money and time spent on growing your skills, knowledge, and connections will lead to increased production and better results, for you and for your organization. 

For additional resources on conferences, or help in drafting a request letter to your employers, please reach out to us. We're here to help you navigate your options and continue to grow, personally and professionally, throughout your admin career.

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