Todoist Creates the Perfect To-Do List to Keep You Organized

September 30, 2022


Todoist can make organizing your tasks easier than ever.
Todoist can make organizing your tasks easier than ever.

You don’t need to be an administrative professional to know that life can get busy and chaotic. But in a career that relies on balancing cramped schedules and keeping your workplace organized, that rings especially true. Luckily, new technology is making many things in the workplace, and our personal lives, easier to keep track of. 

Todoist is an essential app for administrative professionals. This program makes it easier than ever to make and keep track of your to-do list day after day. In fact, more people than ever are using the app for work. People even loved it so much that they started using it in their personal life, too!

Want to learn more? Here is how the Todoist app helps you make and maintain an organized to-do list for any situation.

About the Todoist App

Using the Todoist app is very straightforward and intuitive. Using the main dashboard, you can access your calendar to add activities and events just like any calendar app. What makes Todoist so unique and effective is the range of options you have after that.

Todoist allows users to filter and prioritize any items in their calendar however they choose. The app even lets you assign tasks on the to-do list to other workers. This means Todoist is not just great for managing your own work tasks, but for managing the entire office’s productivity.

Adding to the convenience, Todoist enables you to check off each item on the list as it’s completed. This easy and intuitive visual display eliminates any need to panic about forgotten tasks at the end of the day.

Why Administrative Professionals Love Todoist

Many administrative professionals are turning to Todoist because of how streamlined and easy to use it is. Users can create and edit tasks however they prefer. All tasks and assignments on your Todoist calendar can be recorded in plain language. They can even be color-coded based on priority or assignment type. When balancing a crowded executive schedule, this sort of flexibility is invaluable to many administrative professionals.

The ability to create new groups and boards is another feature that makes it great for the workplace. Todoist not only enables users to assign and organize products. The app also enables the ability to plan and track progress on assignments and share notes along the way. In this way, Todoist is more than just a professional calendar management app. It is an all-around workplace task management solution.

Todoist Download

Todoist is free and easy to download. It can be installed on any device, be it a work computer, tablet, or smartphone. The free version of the app gives access to a range of basic features that are perfect for personal use. However, for a small monthly fee, more advanced professional packages are available.

Most workplaces choose the Business package, starting at just $6 per month. This package offers more storage space, more projects per team member, and a limitless shared team inbox.

Todoist Integrations

Another feature that makes Todoist an ideal workplace task manager is its adaptability. Todoist Integrations allow users to connect the app with any other workplace or productivity applications already in use. Todoist connects seamlessly with any internet browser, as well as apps like Google Calendar, Zendesk, Trello, and Alexa. This helps keep all of your tasks even more neatly organized in one space. 

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