The Executive Assistant's Guide to Effective KPI Management

December 18, 2023


An executive assistant sits at her desk and looks as graphs on a laptop and desktop computer, demonstrating KPI management.

In the fast-paced business landscape, organizational leaders can only achieve their best results with the help and support of their executive assistants (and other staff). 

Executive assistants ensure many day-to-day tasks get completed and operations run smoothly. Not to mention, they also facilitate communication, collaboration, and productivity between internal and external parties.

So, how can you measure your success as an EA? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the best way to identify, measure, and track your progress and success. Let’s explore the most effective KPIs for EAs together.

Measurable KPIs for Executive Assistants

Whether you’re tracking your performance, looking for areas of improvement, or both, choose KPIs that are specific to your role and responsibilities. Here are a few suggestions and recommendations for KPIs for EAs. 


EAs live by effective communication, making it one of the most important components of the job. Measuring communication skills will help you improve your efficacy and proficiency. For example, you can measure average email response time and take steps to respond faster. 


Providing consistent support to an executive is the foundation of your role as an EA. Therefore, measuring KPIs related to the productivity of your exec is an effective way to showcase your value. 

Support KPIs may include the following:

  • Increasing an executive’s daily productivity
  • Task completion rate 
  • Scheduling a certain number of meetings per week
  • Initiating a daily meeting to touch base on tasks and projects
  • Executive satisfaction through quarterly feedback meetings
  • Ensuring your leader has notes, agendas, and other details for every meeting

Time Management

From scheduling meetings to collaborating on critical projects, an EA must be highly proficient at time management. This is both for their own role and for the executive they serve. Here are some ways you can track your efficiency in time management:

  • Accuracy in scheduling appointments, meetings, and travel

  • Pursuing continued education and career enhancement opportunities

  • Use of productivity tools and software to improve time management


From managing sensitive documents to balancing an executive’s busy schedule, staying organized is a vital aspect of an executive assistant’s role. Here are some of the most effective KPIs to measure as you improve your organizational skills.

  • Improving the organization’s filing system to make it easier to access

  • Revamping data entry strategies for other admin staff 

  • Coordinating daily and weekly schedules among executives

  • Gathering important information, documents, presentations, etc. 


Much of the EA’s role involves collaboration, between colleagues and other administrators to an executive or multiple leaders. In fact, collaboration is one of the most sought-after power skills for executive assistants. Here’s how you can measure your own strengths in this area. 

What Is a KPI?

KPI metrics are different for every role, department, and organization. 

For example, an office manager’s KPIs may emphasize clear communication via email or consistently providing access to daily meeting minutes. Because these tasks are vital to the function of the workplace, the office manager should be tracking these specific KPIs within their team.  

As an executive assistant, your KPIs will change as you grow in your role. Whether you’re just starting out in the job or you’ve been an EA for years, KPIs can showcase your skills, strengths, and value as an employee. 

Demonstrate Your Value as an Executive Assistant 

Measuring your effectiveness as an employee is essential to personal and professional growth. Through tangible KPIs, EAs can exhibit their strengths to executives and discover the areas in which they can improve.

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