Whiteboarding Tools: The Latest Digital Technology

June 20, 2023


A woman on her laptop implementing whiteboarding tools in her career. She is using a stylus and smiling at her computer, pleased with workplace efficiency.

Physical whiteboards have been used as meeting tools for years, becoming commonplace in conference rooms and as part of meetings and team projects. However, with advancements in technology and the rise of remote work, virtual whiteboarding tools have become increasingly popular. 

Today, virtual whiteboarding is used to encourage collaboration and group feedback in meetings, whether these meetings are in-person, hybrid, or fully remote.

Using a Whiteboard Tool 

An online whiteboard tool is a web-based application that allows you to create and share a virtual whiteboard with remote employees. This can be utilized during webinars, training sessions, think tanks, and online meetings. 

They are also very useful for meetings where you have some employees present in person and others joining in remotely. Rather than your remote attendees attempting to see a whiteboard in the background, you can share a large clear version right on their screen. 

Additionally, the right whiteboard tool will have many features for various types of meetings. For example, graphs, statistic trackers, illustrations, and various text formats are all major components of whiteboarding tools. Using a whiteboard tool will modernize and streamline your workplace meetings, whether they are small project-focused or at a larger scale, involving your executive team or Board of Directors.

Important Features to Consider

Like most technological advancements in the workplace, the options for an online whiteboard tool are continuously evolving. These applications come with various features and benefits that may be a great fit for your organization. 

When choosing the right whiteboarding tool for your and your team, ensure that it has the following features. 

  • The tool allows participants to access the same whiteboard from the same web page. This allows for easy access and sharing. 

  • The whiteboard can be accessed from any device, rather than a specialized one. Meaning, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone can access the whiteboard tool. 

  • The application allows for many participants, not limiting your participant count to just a few. 

  • The whiteboard tool allows meeting participants to take screenshots or recordings of the session. This is a helpful feature for meetings or training that may require your staff to go back and review a key piece of information.

  • The online whiteboard allows invited participants to make contributions and notes, and to collaborate with other attendees.  

  • Can you attach files? Your whiteboard tool should not limit what you can include in your meeting documents and presentations. Ensure you are able to upload and attach various file formats. 

  • The online tool allows you to export your digital whiteboard after the meeting. This enables you to export and send the whiteboard to others who didn't make it. Additionally, they will be able to see the notes, the flow of ideas, and the final whiteboard presentation. 

Some options for online whiteboarding tools are Freehand, Mural, Miro, Stormboard, and Collaboard. 

How to Choose the Right Whiteboard Platform

When choosing the right whiteboarding tool for your company, be sure to research a few options. Analyze the different features that each platform offers, then weigh these features with how your company will use this application the most. 

An online whiteboard tool could be the missing piece of your team cohesion puzzle. Choosing the right one is paramount.

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