10 Must Knows When Using Count Function in Excel

May 3, 2023


A laptop displaying the COUNT function in Excel.

There are many software programs and spreadsheet applications available today for administrative professionals. However, one of the most useful and user-friendly applications is Microsoft Excel. This application is one of the most widely used in the modern business world. Additionally, there are myriad shortcuts and user hacks available with Excel. This is especially true when using the COUNT function. 

If you are adept at using this program, you will execute your professional duties more quickly and efficiently. In this article, we look at 10 must-knows when using the COUNT function in Excel. You'll also learn how these tips can help you with your daily tasks.

COUNT Function Excel: How-To

The COUNT function in Excel is used to count the number of cells in an Excel sheet, or to count an array of numbers. However, there are some intricacies in this program to which all users must adhere. For example, for the parameters of the COUNT function to work in Excel, the values must be separated by commas. 

Here are 10 must-knows when using the COUNT function in Excel: 

  • Use COUNTBLANK to count only blank cells in a specified range 

  • Use COUNTA to take note of a range of text 

  • Use COUNTIF and SUMIF to approximate values 

  • Use the clubbing feature to combine various sheets in one formula 

  • Use the CEILING function to round off numbers to the next multiple 

  • If you have numbers with decimals and need to trim these off for round numbers, use the INT function 

  • If you have decimals and only want to account for these, use a combination of the MOD and INT functions 

  • Use the CONVERT function to convert set values into different values 

  • Use COUNTIF to generate grouped date columns or date figures 

  • Use the 'greater than' or 'lesser than' expression in COUNTIF to get 'lesser than,' 'greater than,' or 'equal to' values 

The Excel COUNT function is often underappreciated and overlooked for all of its flexibility and tasks it can perform. If you are not well-versed in Excel functions, seeking training on this software program is invaluable to your administrative career. Getting familiar with this Excel application will help you streamline and simplify many of your administrative tasks.

Simplifying the Excel COUNT Function 

When using the Excel COUNT function, remember that the formulas can be simple. Once you begin to practice and use each formula, you will see how user-friendly the program can be.

For instance, to count 20 different values, you can simply enter the letter value and the columns that need to be included. This would look something like +COUNT(A1:A20). Understanding how one formula in Excel works will help you to see how the formulas work in general. 

Excel can be tricky for administrative assistants who don’t know the program well. If you want to succeed at data entry, data calculations, and accurate reporting, it is imperative that you get familiar with Microsoft Excel. 

Why Use Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the easiest and most efficient way to organize data and get accurate calculations. This platform makes it easy for users to analyze data and make weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports. Admins can use Excel to compile and analyze marketing data, HR employee information, budgets, accounting, and much more.

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