Eight Game-Changing Tech Tools for Administrative Assistants

August 29, 2022


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Administrative assistant tools are applications and apps that aid administrative assistants in carrying out the essential duties of their positions. These technologies include project management programs like Trello and scheduling applications like Calendly as examples. These solutions are designed to reduce the time and effort required by virtual assistants by automating routine operations.

Here is a collection of useful tech for administrative assistants, including mailing applications, trip planners, and calendar software.

Call Please 

One of the top applications for administrative assistants is called Call Please. The software provides a centralized, cloud-based call record that aids in communication organization for assistants. The searchable Call Please site serves as a single repository for call history, contact details, and recorded messages. Users may assign phone tasks to team members, classify calls, and set callback reminders. Additionally, Call Please offers call routing.

Google Calendar

The industry standard for time management and scheduling applications is Google Calendar. Assistants can invite people to events both inside and outside of their companies. With only one click, invitees may add the events to their calendars. 

Assistants may show many calendars concurrently for simpler scheduling and meeting management, and professionals can easily share their schedules with them. The GSuite's Google Calendar integrates seamlessly with other online productivity tools like Gmail and Google Drive. It is also well-known to the majority of people and simple for newcomers to use.


This software is a calendar management tool designed to make arranging meetings easier. Set your choices for availability and share your link to start using the app. When users choose a time slot from a list of handy options, Calendly organizes a meeting for them. The software allows executive assistants to schedule conferences, online one-on-one meetings, interviews, and even personal appointments. 

To prevent last-minute meetings, Calendly provides a variety of meeting forms, syncs time zones automatically, controls daily meeting limitations, and establishes minimum schedule notifications.


Errors give off a bad impression, especially when they appear in memoranda that are sent to senior executives or whole companies. Grammarly is a computerized writing tool that proofreads texts and makes recommendations.

Along with catching spelling and grammatical mistakes, the program also offers ideas for writing styles and tones that make sentences stronger, clearer, and shorter. Grammarly integrates with a variety of word processing, social networking, and email platforms, enabling assistance to appear proficient on every channel.


One of the most important internet collaboration platforms is Slack. Instant communication amongst scattered coworkers is made possible by this communication tool. Through channels, threads, mentions, and direct messages, coworkers may communicate. 

Executive assistants don't have to deal with the inconvenience of having to manage team members via endless emails thanks to Slack, which makes online communication quick.


Trello is a platform for organizing projects that also functions as a time-management and planning tool. A mobile to-do list may be created using the program's Kanban board structure. To help with project and task management, assistants may also add checklists, labels, attachments, and due dates to cards. 

One of the finest executive assistant hacks is to use Trello, which has enough fundamental functions in its free edition to serve as an excellent personal organizer.


Assistants can perform bookkeeping and budgeting responsibilities with the use of QuickBooks, an accounting program. The software package provides facilities for recording expenses, keeping track of purchases, and tracking revenue. Additionally, the application provides time-tracking features, allowing scattered teams to submit time sheets for approval promptly.


Expensify is a solution for managing company expenses online. Employees may input receipt images and automatically register miles through GPS using a mobile app. Additionally supported by the program is the direct import of receipts from applications like Uber and HotelTonight. Expensify may handle refunds as soon as the day after submission and will notify users of any missing items or repayment difficulties.

These time-saving tips simplify procedures and give assistants more time to devote to more high-leverage projects.

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