Do Executive Assistants Need to Worry that AI Is Taking Their Jobs?

August 29, 2022


The short answer is No! Like anything technology changes the way we do things and improves upon what we already know.  For the executive assistant, it’s not different.

Our world and how we do business are being dramatically altered by artificial intelligence. Although the potential of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, we already use it extensively in our daily lives. AI is already everywhere, from streaming services suggestions to carefully managed social media feeds to smartphone navigation maps that study traffic patterns. 

The study of computers permeates our lives. It makes sense to utilize this sophisticated technology more effectively at work to broaden our reach and boost productivity. 

Let’s examine the various ways in which an executive assistant might use AI to streamline your daily tasks.

How Can AI Support the Executive Assistant Jobs?

Taking Up Low-importance Tasks 

Certain routine business processes scream to be automated. Think about scheduling social media posts, backing up your hard drive, and paying regular bills. While each of these chores is vital, they may divert your attention from other, more crucial jobs that you have to complete during the day. Thankfully, AI can be used to automate these processes.

Establish Agreements

Do you often work as an executive administrative assistant writing agreements? Fortunately, AI can be of use to tackle such an executive assistant job.

Agreements between your executive and other important stakeholders may be created, shared, and stored with the use of AI. To speed up the signing process and streamline contracts, use contract automation software. When a contract is up for renewal, AI may also send you or the appropriate parties an automated notification.

Produce Financial Documents

AI may assist you in creating a variety of business reports for your executive in addition to agreements. The dreaded spending report is one of the most significant reports you can provide AI. 

Use a real-time cost capture program or app to instantly collect, code, and save your expenditure data instead of manually entering data from receipts. This type of program marks costs with tracking numbers or other information so you may easily refer to them in the future.

Arrange Events 

Going back and forth while organizing an event or meeting is the worst. Thankfully, scheduling applications employ artificial intelligence to interact on your behalf.

Boost Your Communication 

AI applications can help you with your outbound conversations. 

AI can also assist you to customize your writing style. There are communication systems that can anticipate a person's personality and preferences using AI and psychology. Based on a person's internet presence, these platforms can learn about them. The communication tool may be used to write more persuading emails to recipients. They also provide advice on how to optimize your content for the greatest outcomes and give you insights into how someone would react to your message.

Writing Up Video Conferences 

Have you ever wished you could turn a meeting with clients or an executive into a searchable text? For that, there are several AI apps. In these apps, AI transcribes audio files using machine learning. These transcribing aids can be archived and looked up later.

Slide Shows

Do you have to make presentations for your executive as part of your executive assistant job description? Do not worry if creating presentations is not one of your strengths. The return of AI is to the rescue. 

Without a human designer, you may quickly generate slide presentations with a professional appearance using one of the many presentation technologies on the market.


At the moment there are many more reasons to utilize artificial intelligence to enhance your business operations. Even though AI is still in its infancy, it's not too early to begin preparing for employing AI in your professional life. After all, chances are good that you already employ AI on a personal level. 

AI is clever, practical, and a useful tool for enhancing the value of your executives.  Don’t be scared of it!  The terminator only exists inside your TV screen!

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